Hello! I am Hannahbella Nel.

I am a freelance photographer, with a passion for  landscape, astrophotography to macro photography. Here’s a little of my work background: I was a blogger for Time out Bristol for a year, worked as a freelance writer, features editor and reviewer as well as a photojournalist as well as running my own photography business Hannahbella Photography.

As a freelance photographer. I have had my photographs featured on BBC Springwatch, BBC Stargazing, Sky at night and have written a Guest blog for BBC Winterwatch alongside being published on other sitesnewspapers and magazines and have been  interviewed on BBC Radio Bristol twice to talk about my photography and astrophotography. All the moons bridge WM

I have decided to take some time out however, if I am honest I have had a couple of very difficult years! Although my career has been roaring along, my personal life has pushed me to my limit, I had two miscarriages, my married dissolved, filed for divorce and put my house on the market all whilst battling with depression.  I know right, sounds like fun, Ha! Stick with me,IT DOES GET BETTER, I promise!  I am pleased to say I have come through the darkness and found the light and beauty of life. But I really do need a get away (understatement of the year!)


So I have made a plan to travel the world!  Through the hardest days I found great comfort in looking up at the night sky, and fell in love with astronomy and astrophotography. So I aim to visit as many dark skies as I can! Making a dark sky reserve tour of the world, to discover my self-confidence by going solo for the first time in 11 years and doing something completely selfish and for ME after being selfless for so long.

Come join me on my adventure of discovery. Let us set off and find some of the darkest skies, some of the most epic landscapes and make some new memories and begin a new book of a happy adventurous life as a female adventurer.

All photographs on the blog are captured by myself, and I own the copyright to them. Please contact me if you would like to use one or buy a print,

Thanks for stopping by,

I hope you join me on my journey by pressing the follow button, or by joining me on facebook or instagram,

with much kindness,

🙂  Hannahbella x

Halong bay,.jpg
Halong Bay, Vietnam


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