Packing stage two

Hello there lovely loves!

Some time has passed us by! Cor! My apologies! Hope you are well!?

Wow, last time I wrote to you I had sold my house and had starting scoping out storage.  Let me fill you in before I share the adventure….

Well, I found storage, with the Space centre in Glos (cheap and not great but did the trick) I squeezed my possessions in, ditched the mattress but kept the sofa (could double as a bed if needed!) and shut the doors to my material things! Suitcase life awaits!13620233_1235466179848701_8460753928544270185_n

I moved into to my Mums before I left with my cat Zaz who she lovingly cared for while I adventured off. Annoyingly fractured a bone in my hand so I couldn’t learn to drive before leaving, so my feet, hire bikes, my hitching thumb and public transport will be my transportation on my adventure.fracture

So that was that! Tickets booked! Sept 20th I fly to Montreal, Canada via Iceland! Then after 2 months in Canada I fly from Vancouver to Auckland, New Zealand have 6 months there then a month in Bali and a month in Japan before flying home! I booked with STA as I wanted to get a good price and a few extras in too, like flying first class to NZ!


Sounds silly but I REALLY needed a holiday before I left! I booked a mini break in Thailand to soak it all in, my best friend was going to join me from New Zealand ( we figured Thailand was half way).

So we set off to celebrate my new-found freedom (woohoo! no more mortgage, no more cheating husband!) Time to leave the hard times behind me and head off into my future on what ever path I chose, it’s time to Carpe the heck out of the diem! Girls on tour, two textile and colour addicts heading to one of the most colourful places on earth!


Two weeks of sun (in the rainy season!) and home for two weeks and then off around the world solo in search of the dark skies,  nature and that Hannahbella who lost her full smile.

home again

One last cuddle with Zaz, and let’s go! Think he want’s to come to…14289953_1294065323988786_2225337793257216250_o


My next post will start our time travelling trip to September 2016. You see, while I was away internet was quite a hit and miss thing! I lived in the mountains, on a train, and a tent for 4 months, slept in the jungle, I saw the aurora, bears, possum, dolphins, … lots of adventures to share and lots of catching up to do! So excited to relive them 🙂

By trade I am a professional Night and Landscape photographer, I can’t wait to share my dark sky adventures with you!

you can find me on instagram here: Hannahbella Photography

Thanks for stopping by, see you next time I hope 🙂

big love,

And carpe diem!

Hannahbella x

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