Packing: stage one

The house has sold!!

So I am officially making plans, excitably looking up storage options and checking out lightweight  kit and suitcases. I am getting excited and starting to really look at maps of countries I want to go to, grinning ear to ear!

As I write I am surrounded by boxes, and bubble wrap. Beside me I have two pile of clothes, the keep pile and the charity shop pile. Looking around feeling quite overwhelmed.

Yesterday I spoke with a storage company guy  who said to me when I asked how much for 75sft space, some words of wisdom; “Well, first ask yourself, if you are going away for 1 year plus, how much is that sofa worth to you and that mattress? Is it worth £500 a year? Or can you pick up a new one for less when you return?”

A grin stretched across my face. This is the greatest advice I think I could be given when packing up a 3 bedroom house, I have owned for almost 5 years. So many things have gathered over the years.  Time to keep the precious memories and sell or donate the chunky furniture. Why pay more when that money could go towards a flight or cocktails on a beach or a night in an observatory or towards my new camera.

Packing stage one: What to keep, and what to get rid of. What will I need to take away for a year or more.

To Do List:

  • Tell work!
  • Compare storage prices
  • Label packed boxes clearly, which room and full contents (in a year I will appreciate the effort!)
  • Start making a list of things to take on travels.
  • Look for a lightweight suitcase and backpack
  • Make a list of what to take – Travelling and for temporary accommodation in between sale of house and leaving for travels
  • What kit will I need to buy? Solar chargers, head torch, all-weather gear
  • Start looking for a camera upgrade… 🙂 Canon 5d? hmmm *daydreams*
  • Celebrate the house sale and the start of something new and exciting!

So best get packing and making my way through the list! Will update soon 🙂



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